Actions that Need to be Taken When You have Raccoons Under the Porch

When you find a Houston raccoon under the porch for the month of January to September, you should assume that it is a mother that has some babies. This means that you need to be very careful because itisn’t a good thing to orphan the babies. Texas raccoons are great mothers and they move the babies to a new location of they feel frightened. Evicting the mother can lead to the abandonment of the babies and this is not very humane.

Mother Raccoons
When you find a Texas raccoon under the porch, be very patient with the mother. The firstoption that you have is sit tight and does nothing at all. Usually, the raccoons live in dens for only a shortwhileuntil the babies are able to fend for themselves. This is usually up to the end of the summer period where they leave and disperse from the family. The raccoon mothers also move the babies between different den sites over the nesting season and this means that you may not have to evict her as she may take the initiative to leave. If it is possible to wait to wait for the babies to grow up and leave, then this can be a great thing. After they leave or they are removed, it is important to close any access point so as to prevent a reoccurrence of the Houston raccoons in the future.

A mother Houston raccoon living under the porch does so because the area is dark, it is quiet and it is the safest place for her to be with the babies. If you disrupt the peace and quiet in the area, the raccoon may leave and take her babies. You can use light, smell and sound so as to disrupt the entire environment. These harassment techniques need to be used as close to the entrance as possible so as to make sure that the mother raccoon is not in a position to ignore them at all.

• Light
You need to use a bright light and place it at the very entrance of the den whether outside or inside. Make sure the light that is used is fire safe. Since Texas raccoons are nocturnal in nature, they don’t appreciate any kind of bright light within the habitat.

• Sound
You can use a radio for this. Choose a talk station and place the radio at the very entrance of the den. Music doenst do much to a Houston raccoon but human voices feels so threatening.

• Smell
You can soak rags into ammonia or apple cider vinegar and then insert it into a plastic bag. You should then poke some holes into the bag so as to make sure that the smell getsout. This is what you should hand at the entrance. A dirtykitty litter can also be used. Scent deterrents aren’t very effective with the Houston raccoons.

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